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Insurancecoverageblog.com is an educational resource on fitness in all its manifestations, from gyms and group classes to the pool and martial arts. Here you will find all the necessary information about training, nutrition and recovery. In turn, these three blocks of information carry more detailed information about the programs, methods and approaches to the training process. About diet, food additives, pharmaceutical preparations and pharmacological agents. And also about the ways of recovery, preventing the development of overtraining and much more.

If you are just going to start training in a sports club, take the first steps in fitness, or want to increase the knowledge that you already have, you can go to the appropriate section to study the information.

You can be both a fitness specialist and a beginner. We do not make exceptions by gender, age and level of training. We try to fill each section with the maximum amount of information useful to a wide range of readers. Our mission is to instill in as many people as possible the idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle, which we project through fitness in its widest application.