Effective torso with a barbell on your shoulders or exercise “good morning”

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Performing inclinations with a barbell on your shoulders, you will receive the following advantages:

  • workout of several muscle groups at once;
  • strengthening the muscles of the extensor spine along the entire length;
  • development of back strength;
  • the synergistic effect of the development of the lumbar and gluteal muscles, which is useful during the performance of classical basic weight exercises for weight loss;
  • strengthening the isometric position of the back arch of the athlete’s back;
  • improving the stability of the athlete in the basic movements;
  • strengthening the transfer of power to the projectile by an athlete;
  • progression in weight in various traction ab exercises with weights;
  • better posture;
  • prevention of vertebral problems;
  • rehabilitative effect after back injuries.

Very often, movement is used in complexes, especially when working with the body weight. Such series are very effective for home workouts. For example, alternating squats, Good Morning, push-ups, jumping, etc. When tilting, it is very important to control the amplitude. This is a universal exercise that is suitable for all people, regardless of level of training. Nevertheless, beginners and those who already have problems with the lower back need to make a movement without weight and without strong bends forward. It is much more important to concentrate on working muscles so that the load falls on the lower back, buttocks and hip biceps. To focus on the buttocks, you need to bend not to the level of parallel, but about 45 degrees. This technique allows you to maintain tension in the buttocks, we talk about the main advantages of movement, it should be noted that there is no load on the spine. Unlike hyperextension, where you can easily be injured by moving too fast (or with a sharp and strong slope), good morning is considered less dangerous. The only exceptions are cases when athletes take a lot of weight, although it is much better to progress not by increasing weight, but by improving technique, amplitude and concentrated performance of inclines.

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Barbell good morning exercise

Today we will consider with you an interesting planks for beginners, which is called “slopes with a barbell on your shoulders” or “good morning”. It is aimed at strengthening your gluteal muscles, namely this exercise works well on the gluteus maximus muscles, as well as the biceps of the thigh and the muscles of your spine straighteners.

How to do good mornings: good morning exercise technique.

Картинки по запросу "good morning exercise Barbell Torso"

– legs are placed approximately shoulder-width apart, put the bar on the bottom of the trapezoid;

– starting position: the back is straight (slightly curved in the lower back), the chest should be straightened, the muscles of the lower back in tension;

Картинки по запросу "good morning exercise Barbell Torso"

– while inhaling, lean forward gently while taking your pelvis back, your back should be straight, and the inclination should be done only at the expense of the hip joint, and not the back muscles (do not confuse this exercise with hyperextension)

– the slope should occur until the moment when your position will not create an angle of 90 degrees, that is, your body should be parallel to the floor;

– after reaching this point, the body should be lifted, gradually starting to exhale after passing the most difficult point on the rise.

Good morning lift: What muscles work?

Subject to the correct technique for performing the exercise “Good Morning Exercise”, the following muscle groups work: Hips, and auxiliary muscles are involved: Press, Lower back, Buttocks

What muscles work in the exercise Good morning exercise

Weight and number of repetitions

The number of repetitions and working weight depends on your goal and other parameters. But general recommendations can be presented in the following table:

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Goal Sets Reps Weight % 1Rm Rest
Strength development 2-6 1-5 times 100-85% 3-7 min
Mass gain 3-6 6-12 times 85-60% 1-4 min
Cutting, relief 2-4 13-25 times 60-40% 1-2 min

It is possible to make training more diverse and more effective if at each training session the number of repetitions and the weight of the projectile are changed.

Good morning workout: tips for doing the exercise

– at the beginning of the exercise, the bar should be placed on the bottom of the trapezoid, and not on the neck, so as to avoid injury;

– legs can be straight and slightly bent. Performing an exercise with straight legs gives you a greater effect, since it allows you to stretch your gluteal muscles better while performing a bend of the body;

– start the exercise with small weights, stretching before that with an empty bar;

– if it is difficult for you to keep your back straight during the exercise, then the weight is taken too heavy, you should reduce the weight;

– exercise “good morning” is also perfect as a warm-up exercise before performing deadlift, as well as exercise: squat with a barbell on the shoulders (how to do squats at home);

– Also, the exercise “good morning” is perfect for training with preliminary fatigue for pumping your buttock muscles, a detailed description of this “miracle” workout has already been said: How to pump beautiful and elastic buttocks to a girl?

This exercise is effective not only for women but also for men.

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