List of effective weight loss exercises

The most effective exercises for weight loss

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Effective exercises for weight loss: workout in 20 minutes

Along with the diet, fitness at home should be a key element in a weight loss program. Exercise burns extra calories, which leads to healthy weight loss. In addition to weight loss, you get other bonuses – improving mood, strengthening bones and reducing the risk of many chronic diseases. Add weight loss exercises to your fitness program and exercise at home in your free time.

At any time of the year I want to look stunning. This can be achieved with the help of the ten most “fat burning” exercises that we have selected.

To achieve the “escape” of extra pounds, you can, of course, also with the help of a diet, but at the same time the skin will saggy ugly. In addition, such weight loss is often short-lived: after returning to a normal diet, the body “gains” lost weight very quickly.

In order to lose weight once and for all (and at the same time improve health), a person needs a special set of exercises for losing weight. For this, ” has collected the top 10 most effective exercises for losing weight, which will help lose weight in a short period of time.

Squats are essential part of plus size workout routine

Perfectly pumped hips and buttocks. In addition, squats help to lose weight in general. During this exercise, it is important to ensure that the heels do not come off the floor, and the knees do not extend beyond the toes. You can also complicate the task by making a jump after each squat. You need to perform every other day in three sets of 25 times.

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Fat girl exercises: Plank hold

It is considered one of the most effective exercises for the whole body. Strengthens the abs, back, buttocks and legs, and also helps to get rid of body fat. To do this, take the “lying down”. Inhale and exhale, then raise the body, resting on the elbows and toes. During the exercise, the buttocks and abs should be as tight as possible, and there should be no deflection on the back. The stand time in the plan is 2-3 minutes.

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Plank is one of the most effective weight loss exercises. 

Jump rope

Regular rope jumping is a great exercise for fast weight loss. You need to start with 1-2 minutes and gradually increase to 10 minutes. Jumping will help to lose weight, and also involve the muscles of the arms, legs, back and abdomen.


They will help to make the waist beautiful and slim. Lie on your back and bend your knees. Lift the upper body up, while ensuring that the middle and lower back are pressed to the floor. Hands – at the temples. The rise should be due to the muscles of the press. On the rise – a deep exhale, inhale – in the lower position. Perform three approaches three times a week 30 times.

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Twisting is becoming more and more popular.  

Plie squats

Squats with legs wide apart. Pumps buttocks and inner thigh muscles. During the exercise, you need to widely extend your knees and make sure that the body does not fall over: as if the whole body is sandwiched between two planes and moves strictly up and down.

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Plier pumps buttocks and inner thigh muscles. 

Lunges forward

Effective exercise for weight loss legs. During squats, it is important that the thigh that comes forward is parallel to the floor, and a right angle is formed in the knees.

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Lunging forward is an effective exercise for losing weight. 

Pelvic lift

Helps form beautiful and strong buttocks. This exercise is also known as the gluteal bridge.

Lie on your back. Stretch your arms along the body. The palms are pressed to the floor, palms down. The legs are bent and pulled as close as possible to the buttocks. Feet and knees – the width of the hips. Lift the pelvis up so that the body forms a straight line with the hips. Make sure that emphasis is placed on the heels. Having reached the top point of movement, maximize the muscles of the buttocks. Keep this position for 2–5 seconds. It is important that during the entire exercise, the load falls on the buttocks. In the latter case, you are clearly doing something wrong.

Slow down for 1–2 breaths, avoiding jerking and jerking. Try not to touch the floor with your buttocks. Do 2-3 sets of 15 times.

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Raising the pelvis helps form beautiful and strong buttocks.

Push ups

The most relevant exercise for weight loss hands. Involves many muscles, giving benefits to the hands, as well as other parts of the body. Beginners can perform the exercise from the wall. Elbows should be tried to be pressed to the body. It is necessary to perform, leaning back on a stable surface with your hands. Performing push-ups, hands should be brought as close as possible.

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You can do push-ups from the knees.

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Push-ups involve a whole complex of muscles. 

Side bridge

Straining the muscles of the abdomen and back, tear off the pelvis from the floor, bringing the body in line with the legs, rest your forearm on the floor exactly opposite the shoulder. Hold in this position for 15-60 seconds (as much as you can!) And repeat for the other side. In addition, tighten the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks in order to keep the body perfectly straight.
A side bridge will make the waist slim. 

Reverse push ups

An excellent exercise for pumping triceps and to remove fat from the armpits. To complete it, you need two benches. We install them parallel to each other. The distance between the benches should be equal to the extended legs. To one of the benches we turn our back and place our palms on its edge shoulder width apart. Palms hold on to the edge of the bench. We put our feet on the edge of another bench and do push-ups, bending our elbows to the right angle.

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